Friday, March 7, 2014

The 5 Minute Sock Bun

As much as I love spending time on my hair when getting ready to leave the house, that is just not an option when you receive the label of "mother". However, just because I'm a mother doesn't mean I don't wish to appear my best when leaving the house.

So what is a good center ground in this on-going struggle? The Sock Bun.

If you spend any amount of time scrolling through fashion-anything these days, you'll see the Sock Bun (or Ballerina Bun) everywhere. It's more stylish than the ponytail, yet just as simple to accomplish and has become my go-to hairstyle as of late.

Don't believe me on how simple it is? Then just follow along below:

  • Some Bobby Pins (as many as you think you'll need)
  • Ponytail Holder
  • A Sock (cut at that toes or the top, here is a great demonstration of this)
  • Hair Spray 


1. Start by having your hair down and combed (although it isn't required to have it combed. Just my preference).

2. Then comb your hair up into a ponytail. The height of you ponytail will determine the height of the bun; so if you like it higher do a high pony, or a low pony for a lower bun.

3. Then slip the sock onto the ponytail until it's at the base. 

4. From here you take your hair and wrap it over the sock, pinning while you go, until the entire sock is covered and all your hair tucked in.  I start at the top and work my way around, but you do what works best for you!

5. Viola! As my 6 year old would say, Easy-Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Another trick I've found having used this hairstyle for any occasion, is that if you make your original ponytail a little more loose then your bun will look more casual and vice versa; if your ponytail is really tight, your bun will look more slick and dressy.

It's also a great hairstyle for any occasion. Can be dressed up with accessories or dressed down with little "flyaway" hairs. 

*Have any other tricks that you like with this hairstyle? Any quick hairstyles you love? Let me know! Also send me some pictures of your Sock Buns! I'd love to share them with my readers!


  1. I am all about the sock bun. I have super-fine hair so a regular bun just looks so sad and pathetic. But I LOVE wearing my head in a bun! I practically tackled a student on campus a year ago asking her how she got such a perfect bun and she said "the secret's in the sock." But your method looks like it would be easier than the way I've been doing it--starting my sock at the end and rolling it up and wrapping the hair around the sock as I roll. Thanks for the tip! #SITSShare :)

  2. The sock bun has changed my life as a dance teacher and mom! :) Great Demo!

  3. I'm still confused. You just wrap your hair around the sock a piece at a time?

  4. Thanks for showing us the step by step. But step 3 and 4 makes me confuse. I wish there's video. :)


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